Artwork of Mary Murph




Just another nutcase with two hands blindly flailing through life one drawing at a time >>>


“Mary brings to her work something rare in this creative field; honesty. Through bizarre eroticism and dark femininity, it is difficult to overlook the truthful imagination of her work. She exudes a challenge to common structures and beliefs. Her works speak loudly of the mastery she has of her craft. Mary Murph is an irreplaceable force rarely found in the world of art.”
- Erik Richard

“Mary Murph is one of the most uniquely peculiar women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing within and outside of the art world. Her aesthetic uniquely brings to life the complete and utter realization that ravishing divinity lurks within darkness and shadow. Neither one more or less vital, but entwined in an infinite struggle of which neither could survive without the other.”
- Regan Jana

CV available upon request.